ASINSpotlight Smart Research

Dear friends, we have a big update for all users of ASINSpotlight. We have released the new program “ASINSpotlight Smart Research”, pumped and improved in all directions.

Main innovations:
- No more problems with proxy servers. For each user, we ourselves rent premium proxies in order to get the highest possible speed and eliminate the need to resolve issues that are not related to your main activity (to get the maximum profit by selling on the Amazon platform).
- We tried to keep the main elements of the program similar to the previous version so that you would not have to retrain anything. But inside modern components and technologies are used, the program has been rewritten from scratch. The central component of the program, the product display table, has completely changed. After acquaintance with its possibilities the prefix "Smart Research" in the name of the program will become clear. It is, for example, the ability to filter on absolutely any parameter directly in the context of the table, fix the columns right or left, group products by category, brand, view details of all sellers of goods with one click, etc.
- Ability to scan multiple links at once. Even if they are from different domains (,, ...).
- In addition to the total number of sellers of goods, now you can immediately see the number of FBM and FBA sellers.
- Pleasant aesthetic "bun" - interface mode "Dark Theme".

Video for working with the program: In the description of the video there are timestamps for different sections of the video.
User manual RUS:
User Manual ENG:

Also, there are organizational changes. The only way to provide dedicated premium proxies on an ongoing basis, individually for each user, and also to maintain the program in working order by adapting for permanent changes on Amazon and actively adding new functions is possible only by a monthly subscription. We are moving away from the model of a fixed lifetime license and stop selling the previous version of the program. "ASINSpotlight Smart Research" is provided only by monthly subscription - $ 28 / month.

For those who have already purchased a license earlier, nothing changes, you can continue to work with the purchased version and - in your personal account, you have the section for working with the previous version. And we continue to maintain the old version for you, but only correcting critical errors. New functionality will be added only in "ASINSpotlight Smart Research".

A nice bonus for ASINSpotlight license users. We give a month of subscription to those who bought the previous ASINSpotlight license after November 1, 2018. And two weeks of subscription to those who bought the license before this date.
You can subscribe and activate the bonus period in your account:


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