What is the main purpose of your program?

ASINSpotlight finds profitable products quickly and easily. The program is very useful for Dropshipping, Online Arbitrage and Private Label.

Why is it so useful for Amazon business?

The program helps you to find products without Buy Box.
Other useful filters:
- Prime / non-Prime
- In Stock / Out of Stock
- BSR (Best Sellers Rank)
- Price
- Number of Sellers
- Non Buy-Box
- Number of reviews
- Rating
- Rank
- Variations
- Sold by Amazon

Why is it useful for Private Label?

You can use BSR, number of reviews and rating filters to find necessary products.
For instance, BSR <6000 and number of reviews <700.
Besides current BSR you can check and analyze its history to estimate the demand.

What are your competitive advantages?

- No Buy Box / Buy Box only filter
- Brand Filter
- Number of sellers on a list
- Friendly interface
- Great customer support
- Support of Mac OS
- We are constantly improving the program and developing new useful features and filters

Do you update the program?

Yes, we are regularly updating the program. We add new useful features and you get them for free. You can also suggest a feature and we will try to add it in the next updates.

May I use ASINSpotlight on several computers?

Yes, you can but not simultaneously. You can use the program on the one computer only if you finish working at the other one.
You have two activation keys per day, so it is possible to transfer the license 2 times. Once you generate a new key, the old one gets disabled.

Do you have a free demo?

Yes, you can download it once you register on our web site https://board.asinspotlight.com
It’s a one-step registration. Three fields only!
Please don’t worry we will not send you any spam.

What is the price?


I cannot pay with my card.

Please try another card or write us an email - support@asinspotlight.com.

Where can I find instructions for working with program?

ASINSPOTLIGHT USER MANUAL - https://goo.gl/Rm2tbq

How can I reach you?

We are always glad to hear from you - support@asinspotlight.com.