How to Find Out of Stock Items on Amazon

Most Amazon products are in stock as this is convenient for the user.

When you search the product you need and find it, you either add it to the Cart or buy it immediately. And it’s extremely unpleasant to see the status of the desired product “Out of Stock”. That is why Amazon hides such listings so that the buyer does not spend his time on them.

But Out of Stock products are present on the site.

The product may not be available from Amazon or ordinary sellers. And, if you are an Amazon seller, you can benefit from them. Lack of sellers on the listing - lack of competition. What to do in case you need such products for your business? Let's look at the issue and find out how to find Out of Stock products on Amazon.

First, you need to go to and enter the name of the product that interests you in the search bar. For example, “Wall hooks”:

Next, you need to scroll through several pages to find the product you need. If this is not such a product, then you need to go into a smaller subcategory.

It is important to understand that in large categories Amazon will not show a lot of Out of Stock products, because such a product quickly loses its rank and may fall out of results. Therefore, you need to go into smaller categories and look there. You can also set filters on Amazon itself to narrow the search (you can choose a brand, seller, shape, color and other parameters):

After you select a category (for example, “Coat Hooks”), scroll down the list with filters. You will see “Include Out of Stock”, opposite which you need to put a tick:

After that, the In Stock and Out of Stock items will be in the list:

If the product has not been available for a long time, then most likely its Rank will be very high. But you should not rely only on this value. You can look at the Keepa and determine how the product was sold. Also, pay attention to customer reviews.

Another option to find out whether to sell the product you have chosen is to find it on eBay and look through the information and product reviews there too.

However, this method of searching for products is not very convenient and takes a lot of time. Especially if you need to find several products.

To quickly find and analyze Out of Stock products, you can use the ASINSpotlight SR app.

You only need to enter the name of the product that interests you and check the box “Out of Stock Smart Grabber”:

After that, the app will find all Out of Stock products for this keyword. Moreover, you will get a lot of useful product information: ASIN, URL, Rank, Title, Category, Brand, Description, Bullet Points, Rating, Reviews, BSR, Prime, Price, Shipping, Sellers, FBA and FBM Sellers, Sales / Month, Buy Box, Variations, Amazon:


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