eBay Suppliers Search for Resale on Amazon

The ASINSpotlight SR application has a feature of eBay suppliers search that will be helpful for users who want to resale goods. This feature can speed up the search process.

First you need to find the category on Amazon and scan the link of this category in the app.

For example, let's take the category Kitchen Cookware.

Insert the link into the app and click Grab List. After that click Grab Details.

After all the data about the goods is known, you can filter it (for more information about the filters watch the video tutorials: https://asinspotlight.com/how-it-works/).

Select the needed product from the table, click on it with the right mouse button and choose Search on eBay:

After that, the app will go to the Suppliers tab and show all the products that are on eBay with this name:

The product name in the “Search” field is copied automatically, but you can edit it and launch a new search. Not always automatically copied product name gives all the available variants on eBay. Often after deleting a redundant text in the title and editing it in a more specific form, or, for example, adding a brand name (if it wasn’t present before), the search may produce much more results:


To find out more detailed information about the product, you need to click Get Details, and then the Seller Name, Positive Feedback, Feedback Score, Sold, Available, Top Rated Seller and Free Returns columns will become known:


For example, let's take the category Medical Diagnostic & Screening Equipment and select one of the products after scanning.

We see that the price of the chosen product on Amazon is $48.02. You can sort the Total Price column from the smallest to the largest, and the goods with the lowest price will be immediately visible. The same product on eBay costs $23.94. We also see that the product has positive reviews. This means that the supplier is reliable and we can cooperate with him.

Based on these data, you can choose the best product in order to resale it on Amazon.


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